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  1. Randy is hoping September... My unofficial update is I'm 750 rounds of testing in and have not had any brass to the face in that 750, I did find that Remington UMC does eject over my head on occasion but it did the same with my buddies 2006ish Glock 19 Gen 3. I'm chalking that up to being crappy ammo as it even grouped horribly at a measley 7 yards while other ammo can produce one ragged whole consistently.
  2. I don't think there are plans for a .40 extractor right now.
  3. I'm not Tim, I just added his testing under mine
  4. Randy Lee said that all the other beta testers have had positive results so he will be making a batch off of them, I can announce when it is going to be released.
  5. Long story short, my made in March 2012 Gen 4 G19 ejects erratically including to my face with all the latest factory parts. Apex Tactical chose 10 people to test their latest prototype which I was one of them, initial testing discovered a sticking striker block on mine which was due to a missing bevel that you will see in the video. After sending it back for analysis they made the adjustment, sent it back and I had 400 rounds with no cases to the face. I only tested the extractor so far as I misplaced the heavier spring that was included. My crude spreadsheet: http://i941.photobucket.com/albums/ad251/SShenaniguns/7419bb1b.jpg and videos: Tim Lau of 10-8 Consulting also posted this of his testing: I have been following various threads on this and other forums with great interest as I had an 18 month old Glock 17 RTF that suffered from erratic ejection patterns for quite a while before finally getting periodic stove pipe type malfunctions. I tried many of the fixes presented on this and other forums but never obtained adequate results (read: they never quite fixed the problem.) Recently, my friend Randy Lee reached out and sent me a prototype of their extractor for Glock. Not only has it made ejection more brisk and consistent, my 17 RTF now ejects cases without a magazine inserted. This is something none of the Glocks I have ever shot have ever done in any consistent fashion. This is typically a test we do in our 1911 classes to evaluate optimal extractor function as the 1911 is prone to a nasty malfunction where an empty case can be dragged into the feed lips of a magazine should the extractor have less than optimal function. The feed lip geometry of the Glock is not prone to this like that of the 1911 so it's not critical in the platform, but the test is still valid in the context of evaluating optimal extractor function, assuming the extractor doesn't have so much tension that it prevents the pistol from feeding. You can check out my video of my comparison between the Apex Extractor for the Glock here: Or check out my blog post on the topic here: http://10-8training.blogspot.com/2012/07/apex-tactical-glock-extractor.html Stay safe! Tim Lau 10-8 Consulting, LLC http://www.10-8consulting.com
  6. And it just went up online for sale! https://apextactical.com/store/product-info.php?pid60.html This machined aluminum trigger is a direct replacement for the factory M&P centerfire pistol trigger. It can be used in conjunction with any combination of M&P internals presently available from Apex Tactical* as well as any configuration from the S&W factory. Reduces Trigger Pre-Travel and Over Travel by approximately 20%. The Center Mounted Pivoting Safety bar prevents unintended operation by creating a trigger block that will not disengage unless the shooter places their finger directly on the trigger face. The flat target style trigger causes the shooter to place their finger on the center line of the trigger and encourages trigger manipulation directly to the rear (in line with the bore axis). Works with all centerfire models of the S&W M&P pistol in any caliber presently available. COMING SOON: polymer version (TBA) *Does not function with the Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit (FSS Kit)
  7. There are a few reasons they are making this trigger for the DCAEK and AEK: 1. It removes some of the pre-travel that the Apex sear adds over the factory sear that some did not like. 2. Some people do not like the hinged setup. 3. People invested into the DCAEK or AEK wanted some of the benefits of the FSS without starting over from scratch or spending more $$$. 4. It's supposed to remove some over-travel as well. I can't wait to try it out to share my experience.
  8. It's a T&E barrel, they're looking for 2" or less 10 round groups at 25 yards.
  9. My second day and a couple hundred rounds later and I'll say that it does help while prepping the trigger after reset but is not a huge difference over the good reset I already had with my Apex installed DCAEK. Would I put one in a M&Pc that I'm buying? Absolutely!
  10. A close up video of the RAM is here with a demonstration of the before and after reset: http://thepackingrat.net/2010/11/02/apex-tactical-specialties-ram-2/
  11. Congrats! Mine should be here any day know as well lol
  12. I don't think they will be on the website until midnight (pacific time) 11/1 Mine's already on the way... But keep an eye on facebook, if they decide to release it early
  13. Apex Tactical Specialties R.A.M. Press Release $22.95 Los Osos, CA Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. (ATS) announces the release of the newest addition to its growing line of high quality drop-in parts for the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol line; the Reset Assist Mechanism (RAM). The RAM, which can be easily installed without the need for special tools, takes the M&P to new levels of shootability by producing a positive tactile sense of trigger reset that alerts the shooter that the trigger is past the reset point and ready to fire again. "Improving the reset feel of the M&P trigger has been a major goal for us at Apex. The new Reset Assist Mechanism we developed gives shooters that positive, tactile feedback they look for in a trigger. This is particularly important to tactical and competition shooters who rely on a positive reset feel to help guide their trigger manipulation, especially during rapid fire situations," said Randy Lee, president of Apex Tactical Specialties and designer of the RAM. Additionally, the patent pending design of the RAM functions as a fail-safe device in the event of a Trigger Return Spring breakage. The RAM maintains trigger bar alignment under the Sear, allowing the shooter to manually reset the trigger between shots in the event of an emergency. "Because so many of our customers are in law enforcement, where the M&P pistol is in wide and growing use as a standard issue duty sidearm, when presented with the opportunity to engineer the RAM to provide a fail-safe in the event of return spring breakage, we jumped on it. Increasing the reliability of an already reliable pistol is a win-win no matter who you are," explained Lee. Made in the USA from the best materials and to Apex's exacting standards, the RAM is available for Smith & Wesson M&P pistols that do not include a thumb safety and are chambered in 9mm, .40S&W or .357SIG. Models for thumb safety equipped pistols and the .45ACP models are in development. For more information on the Reset Assist Mechanism, dealer programs or the full line of Apex parts and services, visit www.apextactical.com or call 805-528-5250.
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