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  1. I'm thinking about buying one of these 13.5 barrels.   I'm wondering if the gas port is large and I should definitely buy an adjustable gas block for it?

    If I am planning to run a standard bolt carrier and standard carbine buffer can I use a non adjustable gas block?

  2. I have a M&P 1.0.  I have installed a Apex flat trigger, Apex threaded barrel, and PMM comp.

    I am getting a dead trigger about once out of a hundred rounds.  Live round feeds, but no click or bang on trigger pull.  I can slightly pull the slide back to reset the trigger and fire the chambered round.  

    Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix?

  3. 6 hours ago, RGA said:

    Hi TK4,


    What all the others said but I do have 1 additional question.


    Are you shooting a compressed load with 68's? That can also add to what you are seeing.


    (I managed to split 2 Redding Competiton seating stems over the years loading compressed charges using 69-77 grain bullets. )


    Kind rgds,



    I am running 23.4gr of 2230.  

    Is it possible it is compressed?


  4. Mine are somewhere in between.   

    I didn't have a glue gun, so I tried the bullet with lapping compound suggested by milanuk.  Got the mark closer to the 1st picture.  I'll have to shoot some comparison groups.  The 68gr wouldn't shoot as well as my Hornady 55gr fmjs that don't get a mark from loading.  We will see if the are closer now.


    Thanks for all the help guys.

  5. I was watching a training vidoe on this that said the Dillon die isn't made for bullets with thin jackets designed for expansion because the edge while seating is too sharp.

    Do you think the deformation of the jacket will not cause accuracy issues?  I've never seen a factory bullet with this seating ring.



  6. I have a Dillon 650, but don't have a lot of rifle reloading knowledge.   I am loading a Hornady 68gr bthp bullet and the Dillon seater die is leaving a ring around the bullet jacket where the bullet is depressed.  I am learning that I need a different seating die for this type of bullet? 

    Any suggestions on what I can get that will do the job at a reasonable price, and where to get it?

    Thank you.

  7. On 3/10/2020 at 5:24 PM, earlan357 said:

    Guide rod is done.  Chopped an old XD spring as a place holder.  Not strong enough to keep the slide closed. Just waiting for the spring to arrive on Monday.


    I'm anxious to see how this works out.   Would you be willing to sell a few of those plugs?

  8. 11 hours ago, DesertTortoise said:

    You'll need to cut it to size, turn it down to diameter, and fit a plug to retain the spring  

    I'm making an assumption that the sub compact is the same as my compact (carry) guide rod. Shown below: DPM compact recoil spring and Springer precision 1911 guide on a full size







    So, the non camptive spring on the DPM.  What other common springs would be compatible diameter wise.  Or what would be compatible to change out the stock subcompact spring.

    I will probably get the stock sig subcompact guide rod, and try to remove the front spring and replace it with something lighter.

    Would a cut 1911 spring work???

  9. If used for uspsa it would be at local matches, just shooting for hoa, who cares what division. 

    Could possible be used as a duty gun in the future, but not likely. 

    I use a pretty fast powder.  I don't shoot too many matches anymore, but when I do it is usually a steel only no pf match.  

    Maybe I will try to modify a stock guide rod assembly.  

    Any suggestions on different springs/spring weights to try for the subcompact setup???

    I run a 9lb in my 9mm 2011.

  10. 41 minutes ago, ClangClang said:

    No, you really need the double captive spring for the SC length slides for progressive compression. A single 1911-style guide rod and spring would not work well with the subcompact. I was up in NH in January at PMM and had this exact discussion with Jarod.  They use the regular OEM/stock subcompact spring with all their Ultra 2-port comps mated to subcompact length slides.

    What about the compact slide?  Would it work ok with a one piece guide rod and 1911 spring?

    Would you expect the recoil control of the compact length to be superior to the subcompact?

  11. Recently picked up a Scorpion.  I have short thumbs.  I put a Magpul grip on it and replaced the stock thumb safeties with the long PMM thumb safeties.   The PMMs are still a little too short for me to flip them reliably.   

    The AK reverse safety doesn't seem like a good option due to the fact that the trigger finger would be moving away from the trigger when it should be getting on the trigger.

    Any recommendations???


  12. Anyone have any opinions of how loud something like this would be with minor reloads, say 125gr around 125pf with a faster powder like CSB1.  I assume it would not be anywhere near as loud as a typical open major blaster, but would it be considerably louder than a typical non comped 9mm?

  13. On 12/9/2019 at 9:33 AM, ClangClang said:

    ETS mags have always been crap.  I shoot a fair amount of outlaw matches in my area which often attract newer shooters, who statistically speaking, own Glocks, and frequently have ETS magazines. They choke all the time.  I wouldn't own any of their mags if they were free ( unless I specifically wanted to practice malfunction drills lol).

    I recently bought some ETS mags, Glock 10mm 20rnders, and a M&P 9 20 rnder.   Mine were all junk.  So bad I would feel bad about giving them away for free.  Like you said, good for malfunction practice only.  Too many problems for a practice mag.  

  14. 2 hours ago, Demus319 said:

    Is it for competition or just for fun?

    Competition, fun, but I want it to be useful for defense also.  Doesn't need to be a great performing hollow point, but good accuracy is important.   

    It will likely be shot in an M&P pro, STI, AR 9mm, M&P Shield.  

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