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  1. 3 Gun Shotgun Ammo

    Hey Ya’ll, I’m currently using a Benelli M2 3 Gun Edition for 3 Gun. All this year I’ve been running Winchester 12 Gauge 7&1/2 Shot Heavy Game Load. The round is 3.25 Dram and 1255FPS. No problems with the spinners lol. That said I’d like to find a lower velocity round as clays and most steel don’t need that kind of Oomph to do the job. Also I’d like to speed up my follow up shots. What are my options?
  2. Shooting My First Icore

    I’m bringing the 158’s, they’re made by Speer Lawman, and they have (according to the website) a velocity of 850 FPS
  3. Shooting My First Icore

    I’ll bring both and see what happens I’m shooting the International Postal Match, at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. I’m in SE PA and I saw this by chance on the Icore FB
  4. Shooting My First Icore

    Ok, I have Winchester 130gr FMJ, muzzle velocity is 800fps, and Speer Lawman 158gr TMJ with a muzzle velocity of 850fps, will either of these rounds make the grade? Do I need to look into .357's?
  5. Shooting My First Icore

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Is all factory ammo ok, or is there a preference? I have 158 and 130gr rounds
  6. Shooting My First Icore

    Hey guys I`m about to shoot my first Icore Match. I`m really looking forward to it as I`ve shot local Pistol matches, and 3 Gun. At the local matches Power Factor doesn`t come into play. How does this affect an Icore Match? I`m shooting a stock pre hole 6 shot 686. The rounds I have on hand are Winchester 130gr FMJ and Speer Lawman 158gr TMJ, will these make the cut? Thanks in Advance
  7. What’s up Guys

    I joined today, found the forum from advice from a friend. I’m interested in 3 Gun, CAS, Icore, pretty much any action shooting! Looking forward to getting to know you guys