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  1. Lock n load lube point for drive hub?

    Remove the shell plate and make sure the platen and the channel where the primer shuttle rides is clean. Sometimes powder will get under the primer shuttle and the shell plate will drag.
  2. M&P locking block

    All listed sources have them on backorder. I have been wanting to order one was well. I haven't called S&W yet.
  3. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Just shot my very first 3-gun match. M3K performed flawlessly and I even hit my quad loads! Thanks Pat, Jesse, & Tom for all the guidance.
  4. I found the forums quite awhile back and just check in once in awhile. I joined a club that offers IPSC and IDPA and plan to attend some of the shoots this year to see if these are disciplines I may want to pursue. Nice forums and alot of good info. Thanks, Victor