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  1. I have had the WIlson Combat AR9G 14.7" Fluted Barrel PCC for a couple of months now. Initially I had some issues with G33 mags with Aredondo extensions which I finally traced to a weak spring in the 33 rounders. Not enough when you add the extension. Since installing Taylor Freelance extended springs I've had no issues with premature lock back or failures to feed. I've recently also got the TF 41+ extension and it has worked great too. Works flawless with G17 and Aredondo extensions (24 rounds). Very accurate, trigger is GREAT (despite reports otherwise). I've tried 3 optics on it, Bushnell TRS25, Holosun 515C (C stands for CRAP), and have settled on a Trijicon MRO. Got my "B" classification with it at our last USPSA Classifier match. Will be shooting it at Cowtown USPSA in Cresson in 2 weeks battling against the JP GMR-13 guys and a Tavor 9mm shooters (local shooters). We'll see who comes out on top
  2. They pretty much eliminated MOST ALL Commander size 1911s from CCP With the new 5 3/8" height restriction. You MIGHT be able to get it to fit if you shaved the mag base plates off flush. The EMP 4 lists a 5 1/2" height, so it's 1/8" too tall with the magazine. My Wilson Combat Lightweight Professional 9mm (which I bought in September 2015), along with the Wilson Combat ULC Carry Professional (touted as the perfect CCP gun in 2015/2016) are both now illegal for CCP with the standard magwell and magazines/floorplates because they are too tall. If you remove the magwell and use flat mag floor plates they might fit.
  3. The PPQ has the best striker fired trigger on the market out of the box, IMHO and many others. I shoot the PPQ M1 in CCP Division and plan on shooting it at Texas State and try to win some of that money James
  4. They still need to 100% clarify the reloading rules with regards to: - You have finished engaging targets from cover and are moving to the next shooting position. You start your reload - You come around a VB and now see NEW targets that you were not exposed to but you have not finished your reload (slide is not forward). Need 100% clarity as to whether this is a PE, FP or NOT A PENALTY. If this is not clarified, clubs will run the rules as they want.
  5. Sorry, that's B.S. Illegal is illegal. Just because the S.O.s didn't catch it and let it slide doesn't make it right. GOOD MDs put hard cover behind barrels so you can't shoot through them to hit the target. At least that's what we used to do at our GOOD matches. Some still do. I remember doing it
  6. Same thing for adjustment screws on holsters, I agree a gamey thing. But, IDPA is supposed to be "less gamey" "supposed" to be more defensive but we can beat that dead horse forever, so I won't. I agree with you 100% Rowdy. "Selective" enforcement of rules by the ruling "clique" in clubs are what turn me off. I shoot less with those clubs and more with clubs that are more neutral in enforcement - or don't shoot "IDPA" matches.
  7. That is not how I interpret the rules. SP01, DA/SA, no magwell, No milling = SSP SP01 can also be shot in ESP ( with permitted Features and Modifications ( SA Cocked and locked (, with a magwell ( (as long as it fits the box), and no milling ( still applies) I see no clarifications contradicting this. James
  8. And at this year's Nationals at Cresson, a shooter did finally get DQ'd for his Shadow Target shooting in SSP division (and his holster with adjustment screws) after getting away with it at last years Lone Star Classic and Tulsa World Championship. Not saying I agree with the rule at all, but it's a rule and should be enforced. That's all I'm saying
  9. Someone around here I think told you how great the PPQs were - hmm who was that ? James
  10. Oh, so I found the clarification question and response and the answer is right there: So if you get called on it at a major match, and you can't produce documenation that you actually bought an Australian SP01 with that barrel originally in it then it's not legal. Will you get called? Meh, probably not.
  11. I would get a clarification from HQ, but I would say it is not SSP legal. Consider a Glock 17 user that replaces the barrel with the longer G34 barrel. Would that be SSP legal? I would say no. Where did you see that Clarification? Submit your question here: http://members.idpa.com/Rules/Home
  12. My 2016 Phantom, Cajunized and I love it.
  13. Here's what I know of the history. Initially it was not legal because of weight. In 2005 Rulebook, SSP weight limit was 39 oz. Quote from the 2005 Rulebook: ESP had a weight limit of 43 oz in 2005, so it was legal for ESP but not SSP because of the weight. But when they raised the SSP weight to 43 oz. in the 2013 rulebook, the SP01 became legal in SSP. Also clarifies dust cover: I believe this is the correct history but I invite corrections/clarifications.
  14. I don't think anyone here said that the Shadow Orange would not be IDPA SSP/ESP or USPSA Production "non-legal". It is legal.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, that's the old style holster for the CZ SP01 and I submitted an offer also The new style (which I have) has a plastic roller pin that is installed by default and fits both the CZ 75 SP01 and the Shadow/CZ75. Remove the spacer pin and it fits the SP01. I actually prefer the older style for just my SP01. I'm hoping it will adjust more than the current one I have which I can't get open enough to fit my Phantom. Right now my Phantom will only fit in my Blade-Tech SP01 holster. James