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X-5 loads


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I am passing on the advice of others by loading to 133-135 pf and loading 125 gr bullets at factory oal.

Most of the extraction problems I heard of have been from 147 gr loads. Probably due to the springs and the

quirk in the extractor more so than the weight of the pistol.

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The X-Five magazine , both 9mm and .40S&W, use the same tube as far as I can tell and this appears to be the same tube that is used for all other P226 models. The maximum OAL I can get is 1.170" or 29.70mm before the rounds start to bind in the magazine.

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I have run some 147 gr -126 PF loads in my All Around without a problem. But I didn't care for the recoil impulse. You could feel

the slide cycle with 2 distinct hits. I played around with it and found my 139 PF loads to be to my liking the most.


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