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Production Vs. Metallic - What's the difference?

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I just looked at the NRA Action Pistol rules and I can't see any significant difference between the Production division and the Metallic sight division. But when I looked at this years Bianchi Cup results Sevigny (Production) did a lot worse than Leatham (Metallic sight). Why do the scores seem so much better in the Metallic sight division over the Production division? Is there really that much difference between the accuracy of the two divisions?

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The Metallic Sight class allows for longer barrels and therefore a longer sight radius. Also in Metallic you can shoot a 1911 and single-action first shot guns aren't allowed in Production class. Those are the primary differences but there are some minor differences as well. Metallic allows Bowmar Ribs, thumb rests, and "race type holsters", among others.


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