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Any feedback on Lone Wolf slides?


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The lone wolf slides are indeed very nice but I dont see the point of buying one as it wouldnt give you a better fit like the caspian will....Am I wrong?

The reason I bought one was so I don't have to own two guns. I have a G34 that I shoot in production and with this slide I am just swapping out the upper (and ejector = $5) and I have a limited gun. I already own the magazines. This is alot cheaper than the $650 bucks a new G35 is going for here locally in the shops.

I tend to shoot one division during any given year and change divisions from year to year. (last year was Limited, two years ago was L-10, this year is production)

Regarding the fit, heck its a Glock, if I wanted precision fit, I would buy a something else. Besides, I am not that accurate of a shooter, (nor do I know any) that requires more accuracy than a stock glock can provide.

I see where you are coming from....I will say though you need to make friends with a local police officer or firefighter so you have get the glock reduced price

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There's also the fact that, IIRC, that the Caspian slides are not milled out on the top like the OEM and LW slides. More weight there, I'd guess, that could affect cycling and also influence gun set up in Production (as far as meeting the weight limit of 2 oz over OEM wt when adding grip tape, sights and guide rods).

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i would be willing to try one of the Lone WOLF slides for my next open glock project..

i am not happy with the current scope/sight mounting platforms for the glock and am looking for an improvement.

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