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snap caps?


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I just finally bought two sets of snap caps for dryfire practice. (9mm and .45)

I realized that the firing pin dents the back springloaded primer. I checked a fresh one and pushed on the back primer and it did go into the case as I figured it should. Loaded it and pulled the trigger once. Same result, a nice small indent!

The indent is nowhere near as deep as with a live round but I was wondering. Is this normal? If I continue to use them will it damage my firing pin(s)?

Thanks again.


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No, it won't. At least no more than what normal firing would do (firing pin leaving marks on live primers).

I have an old .45" snap cap that has almost a crater where the firing pin used to hit it.

I no longer use snap caps, since the guns I use for comeptition can withstand all the dryfire abuse I can give them without any problem.

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