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My first decent scores


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I really don't know what to make of the results from my last IDPA event. I usually am holding up the bottom of the scores. But this time I made 11 out of 21. And this was with my Kahr which isn't the best sporting gun. I am pleased with this as I have only done a little more then a handful of events. Can't wait to hit it with my new G34. Kinda glad I stock with the Kahr to prove to myself it isn't that bad. I have been practicing to get my speed up and accuracy still good. I kinda threw the last stage as I figured my score was not that great so I thought I would try more speed and more bullets. The flying lead happened to get a no shoot. <_<

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Sounds like you're sorting through a lot of stuff mentally with shooting. You are at a phase where a lot of information is being presented, and your brain is freaking out. You mentioned you thought you were doing badly, so you got sloppy, and it showed. This is true for any shooter at any level. One always has to make the best shot at the moment, every time. Since you are still beginning, the best thing I can say is to practice, practice, practice. I recommend at least reading Brian Enos' book, not just because it is his website, but because it is a very valuable tool. If time money and ammo allows, take a class from a reputable instructor. The biggest thing however is what you do personally. All the classes, books, DVDs, articles, etc in the world will not work if YOU don't take the initiative and practice. Work on dry-firing, and live fire to reinforce what you did dry-firing. As a good all around workout, take a 100rd pack of WWB from WalMart and 3 IDPA targets and shoot the classifier. It encompasses a large set of shooting skills that are used for practical pistol shooting. If some portions cause extra difficulty than others, focus on those.

One thing to remember is it's the loose nut behind the trigger, not the gun itself when it comes to shooting. Don't fall into the trap that all the little gadgets are going to make you a better shooter. That being said, the G34 is a great gun, and you will be able to grow as a shooter with it. I said it once and I'll say it again, practice, practice, practice. It's the only way you will get better. I recommend keeping a journal, so you can track progress and identify weak areas that pop up from time to time. Good luck with your journey, and definitely don't be afraid to ask questions along the way.

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