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RCBS "Strong Mount"?


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Hello All, I’m new here. I have been reloading mostly .223 in for my AR service rifle. I’m chasing leg points for my DR badge. I plan on getting a Dillon press some time in the next year. I currently have 2 RCBS singles on a 46 inch high bench and like having everything up high for standing while I reload. I’m building a reloading room in my basement and want to set up a lower bench but use some sort of mounting system like the Dillon strong mount. I have gone through the 26 plus pages of the bench picture thread and I think I saw a mount mentioned for the RCBS presses but can not find any info anywhere. Does anyone have any info on a “strong mount” for RCBS or can you modify a Dillon to work?



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At least a few customers have modified the Dillon Strongmount to work with other brands of reloading equipment. Take a look at the Strong mount for the Square Deal B, it has the two vertical sideplates, plus it has a top plate thaat the SDB machine bolts to. You could easily drill this top plate to match the mounting holes on your machine. Otherwise, if you have the material and capability, use the 550 mount for the sides, and fabricate a top plate out of steel or aluminum, and drill it to accept your loader. If you go to Glocktalk.com and search under "reloading", there are a few threads there. :ph34r:

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