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Yay! Video Finally... Too bad im slow and miss alot!

Tommy Tran

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Me on a steel night recently the only really decent cell phone camera video we got

Doubles on the big squares from the back 2 boxes

must reload off the x on the barrel

singles on all targets from the front 2 boxes

30rd min stage

Time on course 21.85sec

Comments and constructive criticism welcome!!! :blink:


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<_< I noticed that some video when it posted =jumps a bit= ,-I did some that looks terible on Google,- So any comment would not be any good to you on your shooting in the video.

But the shots "sound" good and it looks like you were certain of you hits. & That is always good,

If a shooter is hoping for a hit you will see them looking around the gun to see if the steel has a mark.

I have never don that kind of night shoot = looks like fun, but hard on the score keeper with a fast shooter to count the hits form each postion.

If you set up a camera on a tripod you will end up with better video that you can learn from on your own, when you go back and look at it like it was not you as the shooter. Rip it apart and see any place that you can pick -out - wast.

The sooner you do that after the event the more you will get out of it. I heer that practicing rite after a match is good too. But I am normaly too tied up with putting stuff up and scores and this and that and food ,and, and, and.


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He probably guessed from the heading on the video that say"tuesday night steel at Rio Salado" ;)


Actually I missed that part. I just looked at the video saw that they were shooting static plates at night and thought that's what they do at Rio Salado. We come down from So Cal to shoot spring steel every year.

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