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OAL and feeding


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I've done an extensive search on this already.

How common is it to have a S_I that will not feed factory ammo (short OAL)? I've got a custom build that won't feed the shorter rounds hardly at all but seems to feed my loads of 1.200 fine. The shorter rounds get stuck at an upward angle as they enter the barrel and the slide wont go into battery. If I pull back the slide a bit it the bullet will align better and the bullet will feed. I've only had this pistol for a short time so I haven't tried very many variations yet, but it doesn't seem to feed any factory ammo. I shot a friends bullets loaded to 1.175 which feed about 90%, and mine loaded to 1.200 feed just about 100%. I'm using factory STI mags.

Is there anything that can be done which will make it feed shorter rounds? Is this common? Options?

Thanks for the info.

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