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Load data for .356 TSW


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9x21 data is not really a starting point. It is the data. The 356 TSW was originally going to be a hot loaded 9x21. It ended up as a 9x21½ because S&W was already building guns for the original 9x21 (not the hot loaded rounds), so the high pressure stuff (356 TSW) was made slightly longer. An IPSC Major load 9x21 will be pretty much the same as the full house 356 TSW.

As with any reloading, start low and work up. There are differences in components and guns.

The "normal" 9x21 is a political cartridge, used in Italy where civilian ownership of 9x19 is or was prohibited. The standard 9x21 is nothing more than a 9x19 with a longer casing. The IPSC loads for the 9x21 boosted pressure to obtain increased performance. The 356 TSW therefore matches the hot 9x21 IPSC loads.


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