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November BOD meeting minutes


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As with any officiating body the minutes generally have to be approved at the next meeting of the same body before they are published unless there is a vote to publish at some other time before the end of the meeting.

My understanding is that the minutes are typed up and distributed to the BoD and officers for review. Then when there is an approved set of minutes they are posted.

Generally, items covered on the minutes cannot be discussed outside of the meeting until the minutes are published or there is approval to discuss/distribute.

As for the rulebook: The new one was supposed to be posted after the last Area match of the year which I believe was Area 2 which just concluded yesterday. The handgun rules are at the printer and supposed to be distributed shortly.

Considering most of the BoD was shooting Area 2 and that match just ended I would be surprised to see any minutes before next weekend. But they can feel free to prove me wrong. ;)

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