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Anyone own a Brazos Ultragrip for the 2011?


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I searched for "+brazos +ultragrip" and didn't turn up too much.

I'm looking to re-do my STI grip and ran across the Brazos Ultragrip. It looks like it has everything I want, but it also mentions some kind of rubber front strap. I'm looking for a grip with a high-cut trigger guard and some grippier treatment via stippling of some manner.

Can anyone that owns the Ultragrip comment on the high cut and the rubber front strap? The pictues on Brazos are not very detailed.

I actually just did my own grip using Eric W's grip tape and Dawson's "small hands" MSH. I used a dremel to remove all of the checkering on the sides and the entire front strap. I then removed the raised rear flange to mate up with the smaller MSH. It all went pretty smoothly and the tape stuck like mad on the smoother grip surface. But, I don't like how the high cut ended up. I think that due to the removal of the front strap checkering, I over did the cut into grip towards the rear versus just going up towards the mag release button. I now have some flex inside the grip if I press with my finger nail in that area. In any case, I'll be doing it again or buying one outright that works for me.

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I can tell you I've been very happy with mine. I've got the rubber front strap and it's shown no signs of wear in the two seasons I've been using it. The grip in general is, well, rather grippy. I went several practices and matches with no grip enhancers until I succumbed to my addiction to Pro Grip and got the gun all nice and white.

Can't comment on how high it's cut since I had Bob cut mine especially high for the gun he built for me. Here's a closer pic of mine that I had on my hard drive. I'll take more if you want.


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