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Movie Maker Issues

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I open up Movie Maker, and almost instantly get the system message saying Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close blah blah blah.

It has a debug option, which I click, and the program just shuts down.

Everything else on my system seems to be running good and as it should... I've run several checks for viruses, etc and from what I can tell I'm clean.

Any ideas out there?

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I tried Merlin's advice last night - I don't have the option on add/remove programs to get rid of movie maker, the system won't let me delete it outright from the program file because it says the program is in use by me (and it's not) and in addition, there's no way to get the stupid movie maker file off MS update page because I've already installed SP2, which is what they're saying movie maker is installed with.

Gads. :ph34r:

Any advice Mikey??

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