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  1. It depends on whether you want to shoot SS or Limited. I've shot a bunch of L-10 with a SS, but I developed a case of magazine envy and now prefer to concentrate on the shooting in Limited instead of constantly reloading. Nothing wrong with a lot of reloading, but I found myself wanting to shoot against the big dogs in Limited. My wife enjoys shooting Limited (G35) much more than L-10 (Kimber SS) because she's still fairly new to shooting and only having to reload once lets her concentrate on the shooting. She had no complaints shooting L-10 with a SS, but once she shot my Limited Para with its 22 round mags, there was no going back to the SS. SS/L-10 are a way to get into the sport for less money than Limited, so it's good for new shooters. $24 mags for my SS were nice when I first started. After shooting Limited for a few years, the mag changes necessary in SS/L-10 give the experienced shooter an extra challenge. My "nice guy" opinion is I think the folks who switch to SS/L-10 from Limited/Open are simply bored(SS/L-10 is certainly different) or just want an excuse for a new gun/rig. In my actual experience, the few folks who make the switch "backwards" are looking for less competition because they are no longer competitive(if they ever were) in Open or Limited. IMHO anyone who can afford it should go with a Limited gun. L-10 is always there if you love to reload.
  2. I worked for that big yellow company for a while. Talk about being treated like a number.... Their main response for any employee issues was "we'll shut the plant down and move to Mexico if you don't shut up". Quitting that place was like being released from prison.
  3. "The key word there is "like". The BIG match never said they were going to pull from all of the rules of another organization. They don't require the (USPSA "like") Open guns to make 165pf, for instance." Flex The equipment rules specifically refer to current IDPA, USPSA or SASS equipment rules for details. I saw no stand-alone equipment rules for the SC. The wimpy PF seems to be the only change specific to the SC. I think there should be stand-alone SC equipment rules or else USPSA needs to send MDs copies of the IDPA and SASS rule books. As long as the match is making money and has sponsors, it would be risky to get rid of any divisions/categories. It would be nice to consolidate some of the categories with a lot in common, but that's going to happen anyway at the local level.
  4. Some RN bullets can be pretty bad about contacting the slide stop if it isn't trimmed.
  5. There's a power floor in every type division except maybe the cowboy division. I thought SC had a 120 minimum PF. I think the SC needs equipment rules beyond saying refer to USPSA, IDPA, SASS rules. I don't see the harm in stealing the current rules for the divisions in all 3 sports, locking them down the way they are now. Having a SS division and a CDP division, as one example, is a bit much IMHO. I'd really like to see USPSA range commands used.
  6. With the 3 SDBs I had I never had a primer problem that wasn't related to a bad orifice tip. I'm guessing you have overadjusted something, especially if it was working before.
  7. I don't care too much and am fairly easy to please. The things I don't want to see is "tactical" toys for SWAT wannabees. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with some goofy half-finger tactical gloves I won. I'd much rather get a t-shirt or anything that might be useful at some point.
  8. I've seen little kids, including my own 7 year old daughter, handle a heck of a lot more than a .22 rimfire. My daughter at that age could easily shoot my Para Limited .40 shooting major loads and I saw a 10 year old shooting a .45 Commander with factory ammo. I thought the Commander was a bit much, but the kid was having a blast. However my daughter was not ready to run & gun at 7. A kid who can only handle a .22 without drawing is not close to mature or strong enough for this sport. Stick to Steel or something that allows .22s in the rules. A kid who can't handle a 9mm scares me. How are they going to deal with doors or opening ports? I'd have to avoid that squad and the club that threw the rulebook out the window.
  9. I'm good to go as long as my Limited guns and race rigs are legal. Since they are, everything else is purely curiousity.
  10. The SC looks to be pretty hardcore about their dress code too. Camo and stupid crap on t-shirts gets you immediately uninvited to the match. Good or bad, I agree with this rule.
  11. So if the match is basically scored heads up against Open guns, then the division sponsors are the only way a non-Open shooter can hope to take anything home? Then there are a ton of categories based on age, choice of employment, etc... I'm going to have to look again to see how the payout works for this match. It seemed a lot more simple before I started looking into it.
  12. I know that I didn't consider shooting Limited during the AWB since all I was geared up for was L-10 at the time. Starting Limited from scratch seemed like an expensive option at the time.
  13. Personally I just hope they get rid of the references to either rule book. Seems really half-assed to simply refer to someone else's rules, even if they are "ours". I also see there's a Cowboy division with equipment governed by the SASS rulebook. Our shooting bags are going to have to turn into small libraries for us to contemplate holding SC matches. With USPSA divisions, IDPA divisions, Cowboy divivion and rimfire there are a buttload of divisions for the SC. Thinking back to the attempts to get rid of the very popular L-10 because of the "watering down the competition" theory, I wonder if all those divisions will survive? The info I have on the SC rules seems to indicate there may be a rulebook out there somewhere for the SC that I haven't seen that may be received when joining the SC. There may even be a periodical available. Are USPSA members also going to be SC members? Seems like we paid for it with our membership dues, so we should be. I don't know. Anyone else noticed that if we wanted to hold a local/state/area level SC match we aren't allowed cash prizes? That's reserved for the big match in CA. That sucks. Integrating the SC with USPSA is going to be interesting for sure. Right now I've got 15% of my heart still working, so it may never affect me personally, but I think the SC will be my only choice if I'm ever cleared to compete again. Keeps me very interested in how it's handled. I've never shot steel, so I really don't have an opinion on how decisions by our BOD could affect the SC. I wonder if there's a time frame for our BOD to get this worked out? Seems like everything would have to be solid for 2009 at the latest. Just thinking a little bit about the SC sure does bring up a lot of questions....
  14. I could be wrong, but it appears the Steel Challenge equipment rules for the 4 IDPA divisions say that these divisions will be governed by the IDPA rulebook. So when do we get our IDPA rulebook from USPSA?( ) I wonder how this will work out?
  15. JFD

    SC Rules

    Good deal. I found what I needed on page 3.
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