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Unique Inconsistency


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I currently use Bullseye, HS-6 and Unique for reloading 38 specials with a Dillon 550B press. Once I set the powder charge Bullseye and HS-6 seem very consistent. The Unique on the otherhand seems to vary. I see a variation as high as .2 grains up or down. I have checked the weight every 25 rounds and very seldom see the same numbers.

Is there something I should be cleaning on the Dillon so Unique levels out or is this normal?

I like Unique to reach required pf for IDPA but would be interested if there is a similar powder which charges with a more consistent amount.



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If you are using jacketed bullets Power Pistol will be just the ticket, meters great through the Dillon measure.

Unique is still my choice for lead bullets even though I have a .2 total variation using it. I rarely see more than a tenth variation but occasionally I will see a little more. I also don't see the variation on the chrono, the ammo is pretty darn consistent, so I don't worry about a little variation.

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