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Manny Bragg Class - Fantastic!


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Manny Bragg will be in Missoula, MT doing an IPSC shooting class on Sept 30 through Oct. 1. (That particular class is full.) Since he has to fly in through Spokane, there is a great opportunity for those living in or around the Inland Empire to get some quality training. Right now this class is a *POSSIBILITY*. We need to get at least 6 serious commitments to attend. For what it's worth, I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Ted Puente going over the curriculum in this class, and I was all set to head to Florida until I found out Manny was going to be passing through town on the way to Missoula.

Details of the class:

Dates: Sept 28 - 29, 2006

2 day class covering the fundamentals and performing them at high speeds

(draw, trigger control,accuracy, target transitions, reloading, movement, and some of the

mental aspect of the game)

The class would be from 8:30-12 , 1-5, both days, the class would

require approx. 12-1400 rounds.

6 people minimum, 8 maximum. Tuition will be approx. $400.

email: eric-at-ericwesselman.com if you are interested. I will forward the info to Manny. Or you can call me at: 509.981.7558. If it's during business hours, please leave me a message and I'll call you back.

Barring unforeseen job-travel needs, I'm there. So we only need 5 more shooters to make it happen.

Just so we're clear, I'm working on range reservations at this time. If we get permission to use the range (there may be a conflict), we'll be on the uncovered pistol bays. Bring a chair if you want to sit. I'll have a canopy for cover and we'll have a folding table or two for "classroom work". But with 6 to 8 people shooting 700 rounds/day it doesn't sound like we're going to have much time to relax. ;)

And if you think the round count is high, that's actually toned down from Garcia's glass. I guess he makes you shoot 1K+/day. Be glad he's stuck in the sandbox. :P

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Class is full, sorry. We already have a waiting list 3 deep, so it's unlikely we'll have enough cancellations for anyone else to get in to this class.

HOWEVER, I keep hearing from interested students. If you would be interested in taking a class in the spring, please do send me an email and I'll start a list & see if we can sweet talk Manny into a return visit. ;)

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I had some requests to review Manny's class. We just got done with a 2-day class with Manny. Without giving out the curriculum, I'll say a few things. The class was fantastic. All the material you need to go to pick up your M-Card is there.

You'll start out with the fundamentals, which we work on, but most of us don't do right. You will learn how to diagnose your fundamental errors after two days, even though if you shoot like me, you'll still be making them. That's pretty much Day 1.

Day 2 focuses on more "advanced" skills such as movement, shooting on the move, and reloads. At the end of the day, you'll put it all together.

We also were able to do a lot of Q&A. I got clear answers to several shooting connundrums that I have been pondering. The class was worth it just for the sake of *knowing* the answers. Some of which I already had suspected, but some I was still wrestling with. Manny gave me a great, universal technique for gripping the gun - which alone was worth the price of admission. It will solve a lot of issues that I've had with inconsistent grip and it's effect on my sight tracking.

I know have the info. I've had the proper techniques demonstrated. It's up to me to go bust ass and apply them. Speaking of which, it's time to go fix my draw.

If you have the opportunity to get tutored by Manny, do so. Well worth the time, money, and effort. :)

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A+ class. I have heard the fundamentals from alot of sources, but either was not ready to hear it or had to hear a few times in order to sink in.

It is amazing when an instructor immeadiately recognizes what is holding you back, helps you to fix it, and the instant results. He has that unique ability to instantly "know" what is the causal root of mis-application based on effect. A few times he would say "Hey Anders, are you doing this? Or "your doing 1 of 2 things based on this" and then would take a time out to correct it. Easier to correct your own faults down the line.

I watched Eric shoot some lights out when Manny mentioned he was too hard on himself :angry: and he was able to shoot in the moment without thought. Well done E!

Thanks Eric for working your azz off at the range. You made the event run smoothly and, as always, provided tech support for us forgetful bumblers.

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