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New forum dedicated to California 2A ; caguns.net


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Well for those of us her in The Golden State, we have had a forum called CALGUNS.NET for a long time but the infrastructure was neglected pretty bad. Trying to update it has resulted in it being down for almost a week and counting.


Someone, with the encouragement of the Redit universe, created a new community called CAGUNS.NET  and it is taking off like a rocket -  https://caguns.net/


So if you are looking for a forum that is dedicated to the 2A issues unique to California, check it out.  



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On 4/25/2024 at 8:02 PM, get2now said:

Norton tells me this....

Dangerous Web Page Blocked
You attempted to access
This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.
to learn more about phishing and internet security.
Exit this page (recommended)

This was reported on our site and fixed. We've verified with Norton. This was the result of the previous owner. 

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