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Brand New Walther Q5 Match SF slop between slide and frame. showed a movie of the movement between the slide and frame in a movie to Walther they said it’s acceptable. I have a StaccatoXL an Kimber Super match II and many 1911. Any fix


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I have a Staccato XL Kimber super MatchII, Team Match II, Gold Match II, Les Baer Permier II , Republic Forge defiant, Kimber RoyalI, S&W Model 41


every handgun is tight between the slide and frame. The Walther Q5 Match SF Pro reviews as is it’s the best handgun in the world it feels good ergonomically but it’s very loose and as an Engineer it just can be accurate if it’s loose


any suggestion on who has the skill to Fix the handgun without ruining it or should I just send it back before the 30 day window closes




Gary Denyer gdenyer5473@comcast.net

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