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IDPA and swappiong parts between models


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I have had a Beretta 92X Defensive for a few weeks now and one thing I really like is the shelf for the lefthand thumb made from the take down lever.

Beretta Competition Self-Locking Disassembly Lever for 90 series Full Size – Left Hand

Since it is readily available from Beretta standard accessories website it may be able to be installed in our M9A1 and EliteII that we shoot in IDPA matches. What do you think? Would this be legal?

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I still want to know if it would be legal to swap or not but....did some practicing today and wow, that thing hurts. I had done a little bit of rounding over the top and rear edges as well as the corner between them but that definitely wasn't enough. I had tried sticking some rubber no-slip tape and and letting it hang over the edge a little but that slipped off pretty quickly. Today I tried wrapping my thumb w/ 3-4 layers of masking tape and that helped but peeled off pretty quickly. 6 layers did the trick and stayed on. I guess being retired has made my hands a bit less tough than they used to be. 

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A.1.3.4 Magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, hammers, and triggers, that are stock on one SSP legal firearm may be used on another SSP legal firearm from the same manufacturer provided they are drop in replacements. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms.


They don't actually mention take-down levers...  However, they are factory on the 92XP Defensive which can be used (decocked) in SSP I believe.  

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