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Go Fast, Don't Suck postal match?


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My scores should be going in soon, but I don't see any other wheelgunners in the partial results presently posted. There's still one more weekend to run the match and submit scores, if you are a match director or have the ear of one. The prop requirements aren't too onerous, and the stages were fun. I only rarely get the chance to shoot against other revolvers, so I hope to see a few in the final results!

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2 hours ago, GigG said:

P.S. What idiot decided to name a stage "Three Per Target" in a stage that scored 2 per target in a match that DID have a stage that scored 3 per target?


That's GFDS for you.


I intentionally didn't read the stage name when I read the stage briefing, and it still got someone on my squad.

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