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Glock Recoil Springs


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I currently have a GlockStore factory weight (17#?) captured recoil spring in my 34.5.  Runs great with my 140 pf 124 Grn JHP load.  It will not function with my 130~ PF load.


I ordered a GS Tungsten NON-captured guide rod along with 13 & 15 # springs.  Neither will put my slide back into battery.




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I run 13 pound recoil with 4.5 wolff,  also check to see if all in nice and smooth with slide sometimes something will rub and cause some drag, but usually its the springs as they act opposite each other      


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At the moment it is smooth as can be.  I will report when I get the springs in and get and chance to test it all.


I got both 4.5 and 4 # Wolff.

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