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MPA DS9 holsters


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This may be dated now but I got this from MPA after I bought a DS9:




Race (non-enclosed). These are legal for USPSA Limited, Open, and Steel Challenge. These are mainly based off the trigger guard size (STI, SV) and some of them the barrel length, although that’s usually adjustable.


Double Alpha: https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/alpha-x-holster

Ghost: https://ghostholsterdirect.com/product/ghost-ultimate-evo/?catalog=true


Safariland 015: https://inside.safariland.com/news/safarilands-015-open-top-competition-holster-features-streamlined-strength-custom-feel-and-best-in-class-secure-retention/


Black Scorpion: https://www.blackscorpiongear.com/collections/competition-speed-holster



Tactical (enclosed). These are usually made of kydex and fully enclose the barrel and most of the frame. They are especially good for 3-Gun shooters who need the gun well secured. They also work well for USPSA Limited and L-10 Divisons.


GX Products, Vise: https://gxproductsusa.com/product/gx-vice-holster/ (Select MPA DS Series in the drop down box)

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Great info, I appreciate that GX Products has a model specific holster.  Being a newer competative shooter I am more comfortable with the higher coverage that a tactical type holster provides while still being able to draw smoothly.  I own a couple Red Hill holsters for my CZ's and they do not as of yet list the MPA DS as a gun specific option.

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