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DeltaPoint Pro on a RTS2 mount?


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Dear folks,

Over the years one tends to accumulate gun accessories whereas others wear out.

My current predicament is that right now my Open gun (a CzechMate) has a frame mount for the RTS2 sight. I don't have any surviving RTS2s (or clones thereof) left and am interested in using a DeltaPoint Pro on the gun (I have two that have just returned from repair under warranty). The footprints of the two sight types are similar (screws go through the same holes) and the only obstacle to immaculate installation is the bumps for the RTS2 on the mount, which have no corresponding holes in the DPP.
Is there any impediment (besides warranty voiding) to drilling two small recesses in the base of the DeltaPoint Pro to fit the two bumps? It would require about 0.01" of material removal.

Any tips in this respect would be welcome. Thanks for your attention - Lior

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