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Ruger SR9c Rear Sight Removal Issue


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I'm trying to remove the rear sight from my SR9c to install the Galloway red dot adapter base.


I removed the set screw and rear blade elevator and roll pin, then clamped the stripped slide in a padded vise and tried to drive the base out (yes, left-to-right) with a brass punch and a small hammer...then a bigger hammer...then a MUCH bigger hammer. I wasn't being at all subtle but no dice, it wouldn't budge at all.


I've removed dovetail rear sight before on many other pistols including two other SR9s, two M&P 9s, a couple of Glocks and a CZ75. None of them gave any problems so this one is a first.


I contacted Ruger's CS and the woman talked suggested I send them the slide which I'm preparing to do.


However, has anyone here ever removed one of these bases "destructively", i.e. by cross cutting it with a Dremel or hacksaw? I realize I'd have to be very careful not to cut into the slide but maybe this would work. Comments?

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Well, there weren't a lot of replies so I guess cutting the rear sight base to remove it wasn't considered a good idea.  I did send the slide to Ruger who, at no cost, removed the sight base and returned the slide, sans base, along with the base itself and it was back within a week.  


I already had the Galloway optics mounting plate and it took a bit of fitting by filing the plate's dovetail.   Since it's aluminum, I didn't have to do much to make it a reasonable drive fit into the factory dovetail.  I added my Vortex Venom to the Galloway plate and it absolutely transformed the gun for me.  I realize the Ruger SR-series isn't the hot setup for competition shooting but mine is an HD pistol and now is much easier to shoot well. 

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Nothing wrong with cutting the rear sight with a hacksaw to remove it. Some times when they press in the sight it is to tight and galls and are almost impossible to remove without cutting them. As far as using a Dremel unless you have a lot of experience using one and are real steady the hack saw is safer. I was in the tool and die field most of my working career and can tell you a Dremel is a great time saver if the operator knows what he is doing. I have also witnessed the results of someone that thought they knew what they were doing.


Sorry I didn't see your first post most of the time I only look at the rimfire posts.

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