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Can Affinity loading port be opened up as much as an M2?


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I watched a YouTube video of Keith Garcia demonstrate quad loading with Taran Butler, and a very large portion of the shell's brass was exposed due to how far forward the port had been opened.


I opened my Affinity port to within 1/16" of the tube threads, and only a sliver of the brass above the rim is visible.


So does the m2 have threads that begin further forward of the port compared to the Affinity, or does Taran cut threads off the tube or grind some of them away?

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I opened up a bit more, mostly over the top of the receiver threads, enlarged a bit forward down by the lifter, and lowered the strong side a bit.  Loading is easier now.  I don't have the experience, skills, or tools that TTI does, and I think this is my limit.  Good enough for a noobs SG.PhotoPictureResizer_190520_234134436_crop_1475x2995-590x1198.thumb.jpg.088b5035d4295eea853c35cd0f6f1eea.jpg

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Thanks doubleeaay78.  I opened up the port more, after getting over anxiety about cutting into the shell tube and removing some of the lip that holds the follower in place.  But after seeing others are doing it I jumped in.  Load 2s are super easy and quads are much better.  I may take it further still after practicing quads some more.


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