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CZ Shadow Target 2 vs CZ Bull Shadow OR Help


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Looking for a bit of advise here. I'm currently looking for a CZ to eventually shoot in USPSA Carry Optics. Here's my challenge, I have smaller hands and shorter fingers than most. I have handled the Target 2 at my local gun shop and the Target 2 fits my hand extremely well. However, I don't think the Target 2 is legal in USPSA. I recently found out that the CZ 75 Bull Shadow is legal in USPSA and noticed that there is a CZ75 Bull Shadow that is optic ready. 


So, my questions are,


1) Will the Bull Shadow have the same feel as the Target 2?

2) Do all Target 2's have the short reach trigger installed?

3) Does the Bull Shadow optic ready come milled with plates?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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The target 2 is really just an sp01 shadow with adjustable sights and some cz customs bits and work. I see no reason it wouldnt be uspsa production legal, even though it is not spelled out by name.  The shadow target is there, by name, but it had a non standard rear sightsight, which required slide milling. Really, I dont know how anyone would be able to tell a shadow target 2  from a cz customs worked shadow with an adjustable sight. 


I was at cz customs yesterday, and held both an sp01 shadow and a bull shadow...they feel almost exactly alike in the hand, as they should...both have the same grip configuration and roughly the same weight and weight distribution. 


While there, is also confirmed that all target 2's have the same trigger parts, including the short reset. 


I'm not familiar with the bull shadow optic, but I'd imagine it comes with the czc plate system.  I dont see why it wouldn't. 


You could always call and ask...they are a great bunch of folks.



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