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  1. steelerfansc

    CZ CO basepad

    Henning here.
  2. Holosun 507c 2.0 MOA Three different reticle combinations and super bright. Solar backup to battery.
  3. Great information TobyJ. I guess I'll give the folks at cz customs a call and see what they have available. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Looking for a bit of advise here. I'm currently looking for a CZ to eventually shoot in USPSA Carry Optics. Here's my challenge, I have smaller hands and shorter fingers than most. I have handled the Target 2 at my local gun shop and the Target 2 fits my hand extremely well. However, I don't think the Target 2 is legal in USPSA. I recently found out that the CZ 75 Bull Shadow is legal in USPSA and noticed that there is a CZ75 Bull Shadow that is optic ready. So, my questions are, 1) Will the Bull Shadow have the same feel as the Target 2? 2) Do all Target 2's have the short reach trigger installed? 3) Does the Bull Shadow optic ready come milled with plates? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Any 40 caliber brass left?

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