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M&P 9L PC CORE and Porting...


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I dug around and didn't find a definitive thread or post on this.


Has anyone sent the top end off to Mag-na-port to have a second set of ports added to the factory ported barrel (aligned with the slide ports)?

I have a standard barrel in the pistol for shooting CO, but have thought about messing around and using it as a base for open before I dive into getting a new barrel/comp etc.


Thank for any and all input.

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I had my Gen1 CORE Quad-Ported by Mag-Na-Port. It definitely shoots flatter than the stock gun but I can't really compare with a 2-port setup. I have to run a 13lb recoil spring to get it to eject reliably. I only run MINOR power factor ammo (I built this particular pistol for outlaw 3-Gun).

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