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I used the CMMG stainless .22 lr conversion bolt and barrel to build an AR that serves both as a general purpose training rifle and also as my 9yo daughter's main gun. Now, a year later (~8000 rounds), it began to have FTFs every 10 rounds or so. Though it took me a little while to diagnose the problem, it turned out the firing pin had broken inside the bolt and the front of it was protruding though the bolt face on occasion preventing a round from chambering.


I called CMMG and was immediately directed to technical support with no wait time. I explained the issue. He said he'd send me a new firing pin. Didn't ask me how long ago I bought it, how many rounds, what kind of trigger, nothing. Just got my info and said they'd take care of it. A few days later I received a package with not one, but TWO firing pins.


I called expecting to buy a new one, parts break when you use a gun, afterall. CMMG went above and beyond, even though they don't really have much competition in the .22 AR bolt arena. Good stuff.

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