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Primer disk won't fully ratchet

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On my 650, the primer indexing arm no longer fully ratchets back to rest in the next hole in the rotary primer disk.  It drags on the disk and stops just short of dropping into the next hole without a nudge.  What I've done:


Ensured properly lubrication per Dillon's instructions.

Replaced indexing arm (13662), index arm spring (13965), disk detent spring (13844), and disk detent ball (13932).

Tried both sides of the rotary primer disk (13499).  (I don't have a spare one of these.)


Any ideas on what else to check?

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Isn't this always the case?  Immediately after posting this, I looked more closely at the parts diagram and saw that I had the index arm bowed washer (13832) upside down.  I made my primer system great again.  Perhaps someone will come across this in the future and learn from my error.

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