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75B Comp Rear only sight


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Looking for options/opinions on the best rear sight for competition:


Gun is old 75B SAO limited minor with standard sight height FO front blade.

CZCustoms has one for $45 that uses the standard front sight height

Dawson precision has some, but I don't see just the rear sight.

Adjustable ones would be cool, but looks like they need taller fronts, also worried about them coming loose.

Budget minded option will most likely win - any money left on the table will obviously be spent on other gun stuff in the queue.



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Yes, thank you, I swear I'd come across that sometime last year, but couldn't find it since. It doesn't turn up in a search for "Sights"

So now its between that one and this non adjustable one - It would need a taller front post but I might be able to make that work for me.




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