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CNC/Floating Die

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Anyone here use the Whidden CNC or Uniquetek floating toolhead for a 650?  Does it have any noticeable effect on consistency/quality?  Worth it?


I’ve had great luck with the Uniquetek toolhead clamp for my 550.  Just got a 650 and was thinking about going with CNC toolhead.

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I have several floating and non-floating toolheads from Whidden for my 550/650's. They are well machined but I don't have the feeling the non-floating version brings any benefit over the std Dillon version. And I believe that if you modify the std toolhead and rings to float the dies or even use rubber o-rings under de die rings (or Lee rings) they will be just as effective as whidden toolheads.


What works best for me is clamp the toolhead and float the dies. Fwiw, I only float the dies for rifle calibers, do not see a lot of benefit of doing this for pistol calibers as well.

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