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colt gold cup frame/smith help


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My farther passed a while back and by the time I got home the he was picked clean. All I was able to secure was his 1911 slide and barrel. (colt gold cup mark 4 70 series national match)
I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a complete matching frame and do a top job smith that can put it back together for me? 
I would also like to keep it polished blue. 
Anthony .
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I hate to tell you brother but imho, it is going to be damn near impossible to find an original Series 70 Gold Cup National Match Frame. Those complete pistols are readily available from $1500 to the moon in cost, depending on condition but I have never seen just a frame for sale. 


My condolences for your loss. Good luck, brother.

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Thanks for your replies. Another member turned me on to 1911 addicts forum. I think I will be able to get it close without breaking the bank. I will probably find the original frame as soon as this project is put back together. 



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