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Rear Sight on Elite Match is loose


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  I noticed a slide for a Match has a loose rear sight. It can be moved about a 1/16” side to side. 

  This is the base. My other slides have rear sights that are properly fitted. 

  There are two very small holes in the top of the sight. On both sides of the height adjustment screw. Are there set screws that lock it down.

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 Mine came with the LPA sights. Ordered another complete slide in 9mm. This came with the Supersight. Guess they use what they have.

  The LPA is okay for my use. The rear adjuster is not very robust. If it gives up I might go with a fixed sight. Purchased a sight adjuster jig.

  The two set screws in the LPA were very loose. One maybe a half turn. The other three turns to contact. This one may have been loose from the factory. The gun has less than 1500 rounds through it. 

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Every single one I've personally worked on has had loose screws. I eyeball them centered, tighten them down with a slathering of locktite blue 242.


That's the bad.... the good is that when properly prepped and locktited in, they stay tight.

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