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Sport pistol with 45 acp


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Been using sport pistol in my 9mm and just got around to loading up some 45 acp with 200 gr swc bayou coted bullets. This was the best low end load that I come with. Used Remington brass,cci-300 primer,1.255 oal. Fired at 15yds eight rds per target with rest and open sights measured at 12'.

4.8 grs  mv 765  Es 49 sd 15 . Group 1.7"


5.0 grs mv 772 -54.    Group 1.63


5.2 grs. Mv 814-46-15.  Group .72


5.4 grs. Mv 865-23-8. Group 1.54


5.6 grs  mv 875-46-16. Group 1.55


5.8 grs  mv 913-43-15. Group 1.59. This was a pretty good group just had a couple together that opened it up I think 5.9 might tighten up again if you like it hot six grs is max according to Alliant.


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