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  1. I run 4.0 grs of aa#2 under a 124 delta p. Jhp for my sc load. I have used 6.8 grains aa#7 under the same bullet and it may be a little flatter but it’s not much difference and it’s not worth the extra powder imo.
  2. I would spent some time trying to find the broke piece, just never know what kind of damage it can do, probably nothing.
  3. I had the same issue with a batch of pulled bullets I bought and the problem your going to have is the bullets will have very low neck tension imo they are junk.
  4. It’s under Tacoma3g.com adjustable buffer.
  5. Yeah that’s a beautiful pair.
  6. Take a look at summers bullets as always shipped pretty fast for me .
  7. I’ve picked up some a couple times that was fired one time and reloaded them with minor loads in my nine and they worked fine. I feel confident they will work for one extra firing as long as you keep them on the mild side.
  8. Try looking at rmr bullets they was selling some 95 gr r/n .
  9. Take a filler gage and check how much space you have and get the tape to match what you need.
  10. I have reloaded some of it and noticed no difference between it and any of the other brass’s.
  11. That’s the big question will it pass this year or four years from now, maybe we can get some non us companies to start importing them.
  12. Here is a load work up I done a couple years back with sport pistol. Sport pistol is like 231 in a 45 acp with 200 swc imo. Maybe a little cleaner but seems to be a close match.
  13. Summers and brazos has .356;.357 and .358 and probably some more.
  14. You got me thinking about how old I was when they had that commercial on tv
  15. I bought the spring and bushing from level 10 and I’m glad I did. It really made a big difference the handle comes back to top of the stroke along with the tool head. It felt different at first but I got use to it pretty quick. I’ve had it for about 18 months and it’s still going fine. I don’t think Dillon had the bigger spring and bushing at the time I got the new spring and bushing from level ten.
  16. Sarge get signed up for there news letter and they will send you email when bullets come available I got a couple thousand a couple weeks ago. Some 124 s came available and they was gone in about twelve hours.
  17. 5.2grains worked good for my 45 with 200 swc. I’m guessing that’s what you are wanting info on ?
  18. I been using action lube plus which is a thin moly grease, I just put a thin film on the bottom and sides of the slide.
  19. I agree I’ve never had any problems with the primer system on my 550 in over twenty years. I do put a little lube on my slide after cleaning it and I never tighten the nut that holds the primer tube.
  20. I have a good shooting buddy that’s using 4.55 grains of w-231 with 124 gr pd jhp at 1.12. He’s using a seven pound spring in a ck, never seen it malfunction. I am using the same gun and load except with 4.3 grs of aa#2 always runs like a top. I’ve tried all kind of different loads and the gun runs flat with these low power loads and still functions fine. Both loads are running around 134 pf.
  21. If you have bent the wrench then you are probably over tighten the nut. It’s not hurting anything but it’s not necessary to go anything over snug.
  22. Why don’t you try backing off on your crimp a little more and see how they group I crimp my lead loads at .379-.380 and .378-.379 for jacketed bullets. It may help only way to know is try it . Good luck
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