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Closeup video/pictures of GSI on 1050


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Anyone got some? all the youtube videos are hopeless, Im trying to see in detail how seating works, I have some 9 major, Im looking to seat with a minimum of expansion, since I got so little bullethold, I use a expander now on the 1050, but only marginal opening, like 1,5mm or so, result is that 80% seat with mrbulletfeeder, but the rest I have to put the bullet upright again.... sooooo ... seating on upstroke seems promsing, might get even more bullethold as well, as a result, I can probably remove the belling as well.

Since this is 9major, can anyone confirm it supports compressed seating?

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This is how little I use with my cast and coated 45 bullets. The way it holds the bullet I can get away with less bell/flare that any other method I have used.


This is the closest video I have but I guess it's the wrong side, you can see them come out of the powder drop/expander but the bullet is already seated by the time you see it at station 8.


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