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SP01 shadow history


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So I traded into an SP01 shadow today, proof marked in 09. Came with aluminum CZC grips, a comp hammer, has an extended firing pin but I have not pulled it to look at it to see if it's a CZUB or CGW. Reset is super short, I am curious if it has a fitted disco or a pre-b. What are obvious signs it's a Shadow custom vs a shadow with the go fast bits added?

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I don't think they were offering the short reset on the shadow custom back that long ago. I.E. my 2011 or 2012 Shadow Custom Target I did not have a short reset from CZC. I could be mistaken, but I'd assume that the short reset was added after the fact. That does nothing to clear up your questions about whether your gun came out of CZC or not. Did it come with the box?

The CGW disco is pretty easy to identify as it is stainless and only has one wing. You can find a pic of the pre b disco with a google search. I'm not sure what the czc fitted disco looks like as I've never owned a gun with one in it.

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So that's probably where I should have started, I did receive the box. There is a test fire target from CZUB and CZC (the guys at CZC can hold a group a lot tighter than the CZUB guys checking function) and the initial bill of sale. It is a Shadow Custom, released by them in 2010 from some shop over in either AZ or NM shipped to here. For some reason in my mind 2011-2012 was when they first started offering Shadow Customs.

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