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Need advise on a Witness Compact conversion of 9mm to 38 Super


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New to this forum and need advise on the below described project.

I recently purchased an EAA Witness 9mm ( that according to EAA was imported in 2013) that I want to convert to a 38 Super. I have purchased a 38 Super Barrel, 2 - 38 Super magazines and a dual recoil spring assembly that was recommended by EAA.

I will plan to have the barrel fitted by a local high end gun smith but I am having questions on the recoil spring assembly.

I talked to Dawn at EAA yesterday to discuss the fitting of the barrel and the dual recoil spring. I read one set of data the seemed to indicate that the 9mm and the 38 Super take the same spring. Her response was that I should just go ahead and use the stock, single spring, 9mm recoil spring system that came with the gun

I think I will purchase the Henning recoil spring assembly and possibly a recoil buffer if it is needed.

I do want to retain the capability of using the gun as a 9 mm also so any changes must be reversible.

I would sure like some comments or advise on this conversion.

I am doing this project since EAA informed me that they have not imported a 38 Super Compact since 2007.

Thanks a lot for you help,

Trooper Joe

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I have a Tanfo with a 9mm slide and 38 super barrel which will not chamber 38 Super brass, only Supercomp.

The 9mm breech face is slightly smaller than the 38 Super.

I do have a 38 super slide for sale though :)

Additionally I have a like new 38 super slide for $150 shipped:




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