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Arrh school me on slide stop fitting


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Well field striped the edge now remember I've only done this twice.

First time I must have jagged it and putting the slide on to frame and slide stop went smooth.

Today just checking out my new pistol decided to do it again make myself more familiar well bugger me I had trouble.

1 found it bloody hard to get the stop in I aligned the link slid stop through then aligned it with the correct spot on frame finally got it in, but the stop at first was hard to get seated.

2 once I took the clip of the recoil rod by racking it back when I went to ease it forward it was kinda locked after a few wiggles and a bit of a thumb push it slid down to battery. Racked it and it just seemed to be catching just after where the slide stop would normaly kick in.

So stripped it down looked for any damage or marks couldn't see any so tried again this time she went all good.

What did I do wrong?

I'm a nood with 1911 and expect some calling but just seemed strange.


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