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CGW Short Reach Trigger Problem


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I installed the CGW Short React Trigger on my CZ 75B. A vast improvement, however, about half the time the trigger does not fully reset. It appears to go fully forward, but something is not catching.

When I jiggle the top of the hammer a little bit, there's a "click" and the then the trigger is reset, and it works fine-until the next third or fourth time.

I suspect the "click" is the new disconnect falling in place, which I'm guessing it's not doing all the time.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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Probably need to fit the disconnector. Good news once your done you will have very little SA pre-travel. Do keep in mind the amount of pre-travel and potential reliability of the pistol are related. The less pre-travel the greater chance of dirt and grim fouling up the disconnector and the pistol not resetting.

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