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  1. It is my understanding that the only way to find out is to try it. In some cases barrels will drop in, in other cases fitting is required. It is also possible that the barrel will fit too loosely in the other slide, this could contribute to a inconsistent lock up.
  2. Tok36

    Sp 01 magazine release

    A reference picture for the Mag Release Spring.
  3. In CZ 75 variants, Disconectors do not influence the Single Action Reset distance. As you increase the inside thickness of the diconectros hook you reduce the SA pretravel. If it is too thick the SA will not reset and material must be removed to regain SA reset function. They are called "Short Reset" Dsiconectors because they can be used in pistols with shorter reset distances. If these discos were used in factory B models they would not work.
  4. I would try to find the high spot with something flat like a ruler. Then ether remove the high spot on the frame or fit the grips to the frame. If you want to avoid pertinently altering things you can make a shim out of tape or something els to take up the gap.
  5. Yup, i am asking about the height adjustable Factory S2 rear sight. Thank you for the input.
  6. This is like leaving a chain hanging out of the back of a truck, dragging on the road. Is it going to stop the truck from getting to were it is going? No. Do you want to leave the chain there dragging? No.
  7. I am curious if anyone has broken a Shadow 2 factory adjustable rear sight. I am aware that some of the other adjustable CZ rear sight have had breakage issues. I have not heard much about the Shadow 2 rear sight. I am considering using an S2 rear sight on another CZ model.
  8. It looks like they had to push the trigger out in DA to get it to present flat in SA. In comparison, the CZC Straight DA/SA Trigger presents at an angle in SA because they wanted it to not kick so far forward in DA. The CZC Straight Trigger also makes use of the Short Reach DA disconector, this moves the at rest DA trigger position rearward so that it dose not kick out so far. It would b interesting to see the Eemann Tech Flat DA/SA Trigger installed with a Short Reach / Reach Reduction disconector, to see how much the Trigger angle would be reduced in DA. Thank you for
  9. Tok36

    CZ TS 2

    I did some testing, with the current TS frame and a 2 sided CZ 75 Trigger Bar Spring, the spring blocks the magazine from seating. Now they could have changed the new TS frame, but I believe that if they wanted to add a second spring to act on the TS Trigger Bar, the spring would be positioned differently than the way it is shown in the animation. I believe that they would also remove the unused side of the Trigger Bar Spring to reduce the interior space that it takes up. This leads me to believe, that this is the product of a mistake on the animators part.
  10. Tok36

    CZ TS 2

    It could potentially increase the upward Trigger Bar tension. This could change the feel of the reset. The orignal Tac Sport uses the Trigger Return Spring as a Trigger Bar Spring. So the Tac Sport TRS has two jobs. The catch that i see using a second TRS, is that the Tac Sport Trigger Bar rides in a dedicated slot inside the frame. This makes the TS Trigger Bar more flush with the inside of the frame. This means that the bottem of the Trigger Bar is not accessible for the spring to act on it in the same way as a CZ 75. I believe that either the spring or the TS Trigger Bar would r
  11. Tok36

    My Shadow 2

    Nice looking build. Thank you for the pics.
  12. Tok36

    CZ TS 2

    https://www.czub.cz/en/firearms-and-products-family/cz-ts-2#property In the animation it looks like the CZ 75 two sided Trigger Bar Spring is included. That is odd, i wonder if the TS 2 Trigger Bar still rides in a slot in the side of the frame.
  13. As Rb43 stated, a reduced power Trigger Return Spring can get you about a half a pound. Polishing can get you a little is some cases, as well as break in from shooting it. Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring https://cajungunworks.com/product/rp-trs-reduced-power-trigger-return-spring/
  14. CZ P-10 ARMORER'S MANUAL https://shop.cz-usa.com/cz-p-10-armorer-s-manual19627.html
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