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  1. Tok36

    CZ trigger break-in?

    The way that i understand it this is going to depend on the hardness of the primer and the specific pistol. For CZ75 variants like your SP-01 CGW recommends not going lower that the 15# hammer spring if you want to set off any primer. I run the 13# in most of my CZs but i do it with the extended Firing Pin. No issues with Win primers and various other factory loads.
  2. Tok36

    Squeaky Trigger

    The Hammer Strut is the rod the the hammer/main spring is rapped around. I agree with the remedy posted above, a bit of lube on the hammer spring/strut should take care of the sound. Pulling the grips will allow access to this part so that you can apply some lube. A reference picture of a Hammer Strut. A refrance picture of an SP-01 with the grips removed. Here you can see the hammer spring as well.
  3. Gladly, may your TS enjoy its new grips.
  4. Full size CZ 75 variant grips (this includes the SP-01) will come all the way down to the bottem of the grip frame. However, due to the length of the slot cut into the bottem of the grip frame for the mag well a portion of the slot will not be covered towards the front. So the slot is mostly covered but not completely. Here is a link to a reference picture. (Scroll down to the first picture) Note: This build uses a Tac Sport frame. https://www.gunsamerica.com/978690327/CZ-75-Bull-Shadow-Sport-TS-9mm-CZC-Custom-Tactical-Sport-91732-NE.htm
  5. Yes they will. There may be a bit of the slot in the frame for the mag well visible.
  6. Here are the Stock TS grip measurements (stock wood grips installed, measurements taken level with the slide at the grips screw): Depth - 2.310, Width 1.350 From what i have read on the subject, it is the extra meat on the front and back strap that make the grip feel larger. As mentioned above, the grip width is varable being based on the specific grips installed. The TS will except stranded CZ75 variant grips with the factory mag well removed. With the factory mag well or after market mag wells installed standard 75 grips require shortening at the bottem of the grips but they can still be used.
  7. Tok36

    CZ75 Broken Slide Stop

    What year are the pistols, what ammo are you shooting, what recoil spring are you running? It happens to some folks and not to others, the more info the better. The 85's could be more prone to breaking slide stops due to their design but i have not accumulated enough info to substantiate this.
  8. Indeed, i can confirm this. TS grips are just shorter at the bottem, the mounting hole is in the same place as a CZ75 variant grip. This means that many non TS grips can be cut down to fit a TS.
  9. Tok36

    Night site for CZ P01?

    It may be worth while to check out Cajun Gun Works and CZ Customs offerings. They are listed on their websites.
  10. As far as i understand things, in factory stock configuration your CZ75 SA should light off any primer. Could be a timing issue or a problem with the FP. To test if this is the case you can remove the hammer spring (not required but it would make things easier) then pull the trigger all the way back and manually push on the exposed end of the FP at the rear of the slide. With the trigger pulled to the rear the FPB should be disengaged and you should be able to push the FP in.
  11. Here is a reference pic. The round FPB plunger is towards the top of the slide in this picture.
  12. Tok36

    CZ Thumb Safety Issue

    Glad that you got things worked out OP. May your Shadow run flawlessly.
  13. I see, thank you for the clarification BKT. I may need to grab a set to try them out.
  14. Are these the palm swell ones? I thought i saw a palm swell option recently but when i checked the website they looked more flat.
  15. Tok36

    CZ Thumb Safety Issue

    One option is to increase the safety detent spring tension. This would make the safety lever more positive in the on and off position. CZ Extra Power Thumb Safety Spring http://dsperman.com/products/CZSpring/CZSpring.html When a new sear and or safety lever is installed it generally requires hand fitting on one of these two parts to allow the safety to function. Without fitting the safety can not be engaged with the hammer fully cocked. " mudflap safety " first time i have heard that one. Good stuff.
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