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  1. I suggest taking a close look at the sear while you pull the trigger in Single Action. Is it not raising up high enough to release the hammer?
  2. When you rack the slide and the hammer will not drop dose the sear raise up when you pull the trigger? For clarity are you getting a dead trigger in SA? If this is the case you may have the fitting right on the edge of where it needs to be.
  3. Tok36

    Disco revisited

    It is always that dern set scerw....... Glad that you found the issue.
  4. Tok36

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    I have found CZ 75 variants to be quite forgiving and easy to shoot in comparison to other pistols of comparable mechanical accuracy. The weight, trigger dynamics and frame design stick out to me as significant contributors.
  5. I believe that the last time this subject came up the remedy was to remove some material from the mag release spring there by decreasing its tension. Bending the spring a bit is also an option in some cases. The risk with bending is that if one goes too far the mag may not be retained as well.
  6. Tok36

    P09 extended safety

    I am not aware of any replacement safety levers for the CZ P-Series pistols. I have seen a few folks build up their own off of the factory levers. Here are a few links. Custom Modified Safety Lever for my P07! P-09 extended thumb safety??? (post # 9)
  7. We had this come up over on the OGCZ forums not too long ago. The inside of the TS frame is overly wide for a 75's trigger bar, there would be extra space that might need to be buffered on the sides somehow. There is not enough space under the sear cage and above the frame for a DA/SA disconector to fit during its DA travel. The TS sear cage is noticeably taller than a 75s taking up some of the needed space for a disco. This may be able to be cut to provide space though. There is a trigger bar slot on the left side of the TS frame that may need to be filled in so that a 75s trigger bar spring dose not get caught in it. It dose look like a TS frame will take a 75s Trigger Bar Spring. It also looks like a DA/SA trigger, trigger spring, trigger pin set up would work. It is interesting that the TS frame looks to be designed to accept these parts. To be clear, i am guessing on some of these points i have not attempted to actually complete a conversion. It is not unlikely that there are other factors that i have missed.
  8. Tok36

    SAO vs DA SA

    I too have yet to find a CZ SAO trigger set up attractive over a DA/SA. There are certainly allot of SAO fans though, this dose not seam to change. Neat looking triggers seam to go a long way, it is why i piked up the first one i experimented with. I do like the Tac Sports in SAO but i find it to be a different animal from a 75.
  9. Tok36

    Mag release cz ts

    Glad to hear that you found the culprit. Thank you for the follow up, we all learn from this stuff.
  10. Old/Original style 85 C trigger is the flattest DA/SA trigger that i am aware of. Bending them flatter is an option but you need to be conscious of the trigger guard clearance on some CZ models.
  11. Tok36

    Smooth trigger face

    The CZ PCR (CZ75D) comes factory with a serrated trigger. It is quite gripy. I have more frequently encountered people polishing out there PCR triggers due to the roughness irritating their trigger fingers. I do not find the PCR trigger too abrasive but it seams to irritate some CZ owners. It should not be hard to rough up a smooth trigger. If you make to too rough it seams like it might sand right through the skin on your finger. This is assumption on my part i have not tried this my self. I am interested to hear other forum members input on your question
  12. Tok36

    Mags will not drop at all

    As stated above a Shadow mag release should be swappable from right and left. As a general for all CZ75 variant pistols if the mag button is round it is left side only. If the mag button is key hole shaped it is swappable. It sounds like it could be a number of things. More information is needed to narrow the possibilitys. What do you mean exactly when you say "no mags will release"? Are they stuck in the pistol or are they not dropping free and can be removed by pulling them out? Reviewing one of the available disassembly guides might not be a bad idea so that you can get a better idea of how the mag release functions. There is a sticky at the top of this section of the forums that may be worth a look.
  13. Tok36

    Lost decocker lever!

    The left side decocking lever is retained by the forward leg of the sear spring so it should not walk out. As to a replacement SP-01 Tac right side decocking lever, let it be known that there are actually 4 parts that make up the lever. The links posted above only show one of these 4 parts. If you have CZ warranty send you a replacement make sure that they send you all 4 parts. If you decide to buy a replacement the 4 individual parts are linked below. To my knowledge the right side lever is not sold as an assembly, each of the 4 parts must be acquired separately and then assembled once you receive them. SP-01 Tac Right side DC Lever parts DECOCKING LEVER RIGHT HAND SP-01 http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/042013810707_Decocking-Lever-Rh-Sp01 RIGHT HAND DECOCKING LEVER PIN SP-01 http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/465700000666_Rh-Decocking-Lever-Pin-Sp01 DECOCKING CONTROLLER CATCH SP-01 http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/0420136001_Decocking-Controller-Catch-Sp01 RH DECOCKING CONTR SPRING SP-01 http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/315100100015_Rh-Decocking-Contr-Spring-Sp01
  14. You stated that it has a comp hammer installed and the hammer hooks are showing quite a bit of wear. I will bet that you have found your issue right there. I am interested to hear what parts you change out and what effect it has on your issue, we all learn from this stuff.
  15. ^^ OP is asking about a Tac Sport, its has a different trigger bar set up than a 75. OP How many rounds through your TS? What hammer do you have installed?
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