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Fitting large backstrap into Zev Gen 4 heavy magwell


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I thought I'd make this into it's own thread so people could find the info easier.

I just found that you can fit backstraps into the Zev heavy brass magwell for Gen 4 glocks.

On my gen 4 g35, I just installed the above magwell, and noticed there was a small space between the magwell and the back of the grip. About 1/16". So, I took the L beavertail backstrap that I need (XL hands), and got out the dremel tool. Using a coarse sandpaper wheel, I ground out the bottom inside of the backstrap till it was only as thick as the outer layer of plastic. I then trimmed it in length so it would tuck into the magwell space only about 1/8"-3/16" deep. Done. Full length backstrap with a Zev heavy magwell.

I hope that helps some large-handed guys out there!

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