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Vision is a Performance Enhancing Drug

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On match day, if you simply shoot what you see, you will surprise yourself with the outcome.

It will feel slow, and that's why many are afraid of it and don't do it.

But until the scorecard has an entry for how fast it "felt", that feeling isn't important.


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I can attest to this.

Before shooting a recent major, I told myself that I was going to shoot Alphas. I was gonna "points" people to death.

I knew to do that, I needed to see my sights for each and every shot I took.

So my mantra became: "Every shot is individual and distinct and thus for every shot I take I will see my sights."

So for the whole match I took the time to see my sights; even when it felt agonizingly slow waiting on the front sight to settle in recoil on a 5 yard hoser, I took the time to see an acceptable sight picture relative to the target difficulty.

As the match progressed, I had no idea how it would ultimately turn out- I just knew I was scoring good points.

When results came in, I had a top-ten finish within the division and had scored 94% of the available points.

"SEEING" is believing. ;)

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