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New guy to reloading and springs, wanted to get opinions on my setup f


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Hey guys, I searched and found a bunch of threads where everyone just said run a 13# recoil spring for minor and a 15# for major on a Glock 35. Here is my question specific to my gun though.

I am new to reloading and trying to get my ideal ammo for my Glock 35 in Prod so minor. Here is what i have so far:

180 grain Berry's FP copper coater, 3.8gr WST powder, 1.125 OAL, .42 crimp, Federal Match Primers.

even shooting these lighter loads i tried the following springs on my Lone Wolf SS polished guide rod, 13, 17, 22 (I also have a 15# and 20#)

It cycled with ALL of them, even the 22#. I didnt feel a real major change on recoil.

Before i started trying the different springs and the new batch of lighter ammo i shot about 150 rounds of some other reloads from the hotter batches i first made, just to get the gun dirty before trying the lighter stuff. Since the gun seems to cycle with the heavier springs, and neither the lighter or heavier springs seemd to have a noticable impact on felt recoil or accuracy (both kept everything in a 2-3" group at 7 yards with 10 rounds of rapid fire), should i run the heavier spring? Or will this lead to possible issues later with it not properly cycling. Or should i run the lighter spring this weekend just in case?

I was fairly suprised that none of the springs seemed to have a noticable feel difference, but then again i am used to shooting a few hundred rounds a week with a stock issued Sig 229 DAK so maybe i am just used to the heavier feel, everything is lighter and better on the glock than my service weapon, lol.

My gun is a new Glock 35 gen 3 with less than 1k rounds through it. 25 cent trigger job polishing on everything, Ghost Evo Elite 3.5 trigger, 6# trigger spring, stock striker spring (the 4# spring doesnt reset the trigger hard enough, if i slowly let go it may not reset all the way to the point where the trigger safety is inop), reduced power safety plunger spring, and the Lone Wolf SS Polished Guide rod with the springs listed above.

Any advice someone can give (with reasons would be great) on any of my set up (rounds, springs, etc) would be appreciated. I have another match on Sat and obviously would like the best performance, but would like it to run properly, safely, and efficently.



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1. Do you have a Chronograph? if you are reloading you really should have one as there is no other way to really know what the PF for you load in your gun is.

2. I cannot tell the difference in feel of the same load in either my limited or production gun based on recoil spring weight. What I am looking for by tuning the recoil springs is how the gun settles back on target after the shot. Use the spring weight to adjust the bobbing of the front sight not the felt recoil.

hope this helps,


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