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  1. update... kinda.... Mark 7 technical support is awesome! We believe the issue has been identified, and should have a resolution next week, tech support went way over expectations on a holiday weekend, as someone who works in support and has been on that end of the off duty weekend call during family time because you care and want to see it right, I will say I am very appreciative and impressed! I will update as soon as I can confirm that we are running 100% next week! Great job by their representative!
  2. about 10... brand new 1100 and brand new M7, the 1100 runs smooth as can be, the M7 clutch kicks in and locks up as soon as the brass enters the de-priming die!!!
  3. yes, and yes, the instructions weren't super clear about the 1100, only listing the super 1050 or the RL 1050, but they sent a newer picture of the instruction that shows the fwd and left holes on the base plate for the 1100 mount, and says to use the hole with the dot for the link bar, ensuring that the shell plate if fully up, set the gear on with the dot up then rotate to meet the bolt holes for the link bar, bolt it up, inset the set screw, cap, and nut, then (as shown in their youtube set up video) rotate it forward (shell plate down) loosen the motor mounts, put the belt on and rotate th
  4. I know there are a few running the M7 drive on the 1100, hopefully someone can provide the insight needed to get this to run! I just got my new 1100 in today and am trying to hook it up with my brand new M7 drive. The instructions do not mention the 1100 mounting instructions (edit confirmed that they have a new instruction image, not included in the manual that says the 1100 goes in the super holes, and use the hole with the dot for the link bar, that is what i did). No matter what clutch setting is used from 3-20 i can not get passed the de-priming stage on once fired 38sc lubed brass wit
  5. Johnny has been awesome for me and i dont even have one of his guns yet! I was squadded with him at a local match and he was super helpful and gave me a bunch of great advice on fixing some issues i was having with my SV Open gun. He has always responded super quick to messages on FB too! I love my SV Open gun and would buy another, i also really like Johnny's guns and most everyone out here in Northern Cali shoots them, I would grab one of those too. Either way you cant go wrong, i guess it comes down to personal preference, price, and availability
  6. This post has had the most direct and impactful result for me that I have read here. I read this last weekend, right before going into my shooting/cqc re-qualification week at work (yeah yeah tactical timmy... Deal with it, it pays the bills, it is fun, and I'm Damn good at it) during all of my evals I reminded my self on the "make ready" or "house is set" of this and everything went smooth, then I shot a local match Sunday and used this mindset every stage
  7. I would also vote for the streamlight, i have broken countless SF 300's and Wiley X lights on my work gun, the mounting points seem to snap every few hundred-thousand rounds. Usually it is just the spring loaded plate or the locking bar so you can replace it with a parts kit, but i have had the set screws sheer off at the body several times. Both are good lights when they work but if you shoot a LOT you will get used to them snapping and flying off as you are shooting.
  8. I fly with weapons all the time no big deal, just make sure they are unloaded, all ammo is in an ammo box, and the case is locked with a non tsa lock
  9. huh, just went and measured my sights on my G35, i just got some off the rack trueglo F/O front/rear on there... .145 front and rear, same width... that is weird, with the slide length there is daylight on both sides... i guess i could go thinner up front
  10. Nice, i snagged a 550 about two months ago used, it pays ot self off in about 2k rounds for me loading .40, plus you can make much better ammo
  11. I have been issued oakleys, ess, Willey X, various other brands. I am incredibly OCD on my glasses, any smudge/mark/scratch will eat at me in idle time. Here is my thoughts Bright light, Oakley... black iridum polarized, the colors pop, great clarity Greyish/overcast/indoors... again oakly prizm, very good mix of making colors brighter while filtering the sun rays that hurt your eyes. Low light/indoors.... any clear or light oakly prism/pink really when you are her the biggest issue is anti fog... nothing fixes it "cat crap" helps (please don't go rubbing cat feces on your lenses)
  12. I thought about this last weekend. I usually can't do anything with out background noise, typically music. I drive, ride, reload, work on cars... other various activities, with music. Shooting has been the one area i havent brought this into. Mainly because the majority of my training/experience is in a military environment where we won't have music (as much add i would love it). I thought about it last weekend, but the possibility of hanging up on the wire told me no. Routing it through my shirt created tension in the wire on the belt and ear pro. I know i could, and it is t
  13. ok, sorry i hate to necro an old dead thread, but i am trying to search before posting the same thing over and over, and there is a ton of good info here BUT, i am new and still have a few questions: Assuming that your gun will feed both RN and FN... or HP... or anything else... WHY would you chose one over another? Is one better than another accuracy wise/cleaner holes/etc? If your gun would feed any and you were able to purchace any why one over another. And second, i'm sure it is here somewhere, but how does changing OAL effect accuracy.... i am just starting reloading .40 and so far i
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